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Individual & Corporate | State & Federal | ACA (Obamacare) Experts

Federal and State income tax gets more and more complex each year. Many taxpayers don’t use a CPA, but instead use budget tax preparation or free/low cost preparation software to do it themselves. This may work for extremely basic and simple tax situations, but most taxpayers would find significant savings if they hire a seasoned tax professional.

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Bookkeeping | Financial Management | Budgeting

Business owners are often far too busy operating their business to prepare financial reports, let alone use them properly. Murtha & Murtha CPAs offers an all inclusive bookkeeping and financial reporting service that not only provides you with meaningful financials in a timely manner, but helps you understand how to use your financial statements to manage and improve your business.

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Due Diligence | Business Valuation | Management

Your CPA firm is a valuable resource when it comes to solving problems. Murtha & Murtha CPAs provides a variety of consulting services including due diligence, business valuation, review, management consulting, CFO services and more.


Thomas E. Murtha, MBA, CPA

Managing Partner

Patrick T. Murtha

Managing Partner

Kyle Flischel, CPA

General Manager


Our mission is to change the way you think about your CPA firm. Our clients understand that their CPA should be their most trusted advisor. We believe that your CPA  should play an active role in your business and personal financial decisions. Your CPA should help you set goals and help you measure your progress–always available when needed. These are the principles that our firm lives by.

Jorge Brea

President & C.E.O. of Symphonic Distribution

Murtha & Murtha have been hugely influential in our growth. With their help, we have implemented new processes and resources that have helped us look at the business in ways that we never could have in the past. I highly recommend any business to work with Murtha & Murtha for accounting needs