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Accurate and timely accounting records are an absolute necessity for a successful business. Your financial statements tell external parties like investors, banks, and vendors that your business is a capable and creditworthy investment. Your financial statements will also give you important clues about your business whether your goals are being met. We go above and beyond the typical bookkeeper by providing you with insights and consulting that will help you guide your business in the right direction.

Kyle Flischel

Bookkeeping & Financial Reporting Expert

What is Bookkeeping?

To put it simply, bookkeeping is the process of converting your business’s daily operations and activities into understandable and usable reports (financial reporting.) There are two main purposes for maintaining strong bookkeeping practices, Planning and Reporting to Outside Users.

  1. Planning: Planning, for any business, is absolutely necessary to be successful. To properly plan, business owners need to set goals, both financial and non-financial. Financial goals are measured through the bookkeeping and financial reporting process.  Whether you run a lemonade stand or a multinational conglomerate, financial reports will be the most valuable planning tool that you have at your disposal.
  2. Reporting to Outside Users: Outside users are entities external to your business who desire (or require) financial reports for your company. The classic example is your bank. If you are trying to get an equipment loan, the bank will want to see your most current income statement and balance sheet at minimum. They will likely want to compare multiple years to see what your growth trends suggest about your future. Other users may be federal, state, or municipal taxing authorities, investors, shareholders, or insurance companies.


How does Murtha & Murtha CPAs help with Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting?

Our primary goal when working with our clients is to educate and consult. We will be as involved in your financial reporting process as we need to be. Our primary goal, however, is to create a reliable and trustworthy accounting system that you can depend on.

Summary of our Accounting and Bookkeeping services:
  1. Designing your tailor-made accounting system to ensure accurate, timely, and consistent financial reporting. This process includes educating you and your staff, choosing the necessary software, and training you and your staff on managing various accounting cycles.
  2. Develop and maintain a budget. Because business owners are extremely busy, they tend to forget about budgeting. Maintaining and following a budget is an often forgotten tool that provide valuable insight and assistance. Our services include helping you with a budget that you can use to plan and set goals.
  3. Periodic financial reporting and review of your accounting system and results. We provide you, on a monthly or quarterly basis, a complete set of financial statements along with a consultation to review your results. Your report will include a comparison of your budgeted vs. actual financial activity.
  4. Year-round tax planning. Business owners are in a unique circumstance in that they don’t always know what to expect when tax season arrives. Murtha & Murtha provides on demand, year-round tax planning so you always know what to expect, even as things change in your business.
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